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When extreme durability, performance, and deployment flexibility matters most, Court Armor Tiles are the only choice to cover your gym floor. Court Armor Tiles let you turn your gymnasium into a Concert Hall, Convention Center or other multi use venue without the worry of damage to your gym floor.

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Court Armor Tile 101

Click the videos below for more information on the benefits of using Court Armor Tile and how to deploy it.

Additional features


Durable and stain resistant

Acoustical properties of carpet

Easy to clean, vacuum, extract

Only 11.5 pounds per tile!

Appearance of carpet

Highly slip resistant



Fiber: 100% Recycled Polyester

Size: 36” x 72”

Pile Height: 1/8”

Weight: 80.5oz Sq/Yd, +/- 7%

ASTM E 648-10 (NFPA 253) Class One

Total Height: 1/4”

Total Thickness: 1/4”

Primary Backing: Unitary

Warranty: 7 Years

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Storage cart

Capacity: 2,000 Lbs.
Approx. Cart Weight: 150 Lbs.
Approx. Loaded Wt: 1,740 Lbs.
Tiles per Cart: 150
Sq. Ft. per Cart: 2,700

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