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Gym floor Covers

You wouldn’t leave your expensive, brand new cell phone susceptible to drops, scratches, and other damage, would you? NO!

The first thing you do after buying a new phone is to buy a protective case. So, why wouldn’t you do the same for your new gym floor?

Our gym floor covers, tile, and vinyl systems are designed to PROTECT your investment.

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Facility Armor is dedicated to helping you protect your investment.

Facility Armor is serious about protecting the floors under our Specialty Floor Covers, but what’s most important, is the people that walk on our Covers. For that reason, all of the Gym Floor Protection Products made by Facility Armor have built-in, ANTI-MICROBIAL PROTECTION. They help promote a cleaner and healthier environment.

Traditional vinyl floor covering is like a suit of armor - it’s been around since the dark ages but it’s cumbersome and heavy. You are no longer relegated to heavy vinyl tarp systems that keep the floor somewhat clean but don’t PROTECT it from structural and performance defects.

Our Court Armor line of gym floor protection products is like Kevlar. It’s the NEW tech, lightweight and quicker to deploy. Our products are specially designed to keep your floor looking its best no matter what is thrown at it.

Whether you are a small school with occasional events, or a large facility that hosts rock concerts, we have you covered.

Each one of our products has a unique set of characteristics specifically tailored to solve the issues that you face in your facility.

We make products that are not only easy to use and deploy, but easy to live with, clean, and they protect your floors better than anything else in their respective categories.

We make protecting your gym floor a “SLAM DUNK”.
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