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More matting companies want you to choose mats that are good for them - Mats sitting on a shelf that maximize their profits and make it easy on them to turnaround.

We are different. We want to make mats that are good for YOU. Mats that maximize your protection and minimize your costs. We are here to provide you with the right matting solutions, not just a mat.

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If you don’t have doors into and out of your facility, please skip this page. If you do, please keep reading!

DEFENSE - A critical part to any successful sports team. It is also a critical, yet often forgotten, part to a successful facility maintenance program.

Most facility maintenance programs are 99% OFFENSIVE. They include cleaning equipment, chemicals, mops and buckets, and most expensive of all...labor.
The problem with this approach is that it all revolves around trying to get dirt out of a facility once it has been let in. Don’t you think it would be better to keep the dirt out to begin with?

90% of the dirt in a facility walks right through your entrance doors. 85% of that dirt and debris can be stopped at the door with an effective matting program.

That is where we come in.

Facility Armor specializes in providing effective and beautiful matting solutions.

When it comes to matting, just checking the box can be an awfully expensive mistake. It leads to additional labor, premature wear on surfaces and carpet, potential slip and trip and fall issues, and a negative first impression.
The correct matting solution is a 24-7 DEFENSE that works hard to help give you the most out of your time and efforts and achieve the best cleaning results possible. Let us help you create a defense that allows your offense to be more successful.

Putting the right solutions in the right areas will give you a better looking, cleaner, safer, and healthier facility.

It is time to get ARMORED.

Did you know?

The average cost of a trip and fall in the United States costs $50,000.00. Yikes!

Comparation Facility Armor

Our custom matting solutions are made to solve your specific needs and challenges and provide you with the safest and most attractive facility possible.

You give us the dimensions (or we’ll find a way to come and get them) and we produce the mats for you. Custom is usually considered a dirty word....We do custom without the pain and suffering usually associated with custom. We are fast. You don’t have to wait long to start protecting your building. Our pricing is straight forward. You only pay for the material that you get. We don’t charge custom cutting fees, custom this, and custom that. We can provide you with quotes in a matter of minutes (try us!).

Once you try a Facility Armor matting solution, you won’t go to anyone else for your floor protection needs.

Things to look for in a matting solution:

• Durability:
-Average life.
-Virtually Stain Proof
-Edging glued and sewn on

• Cleanability:
Here is a dirty secret...Matting gets dirty! It’s supposed to! It sacrifices itself so the rest of your building looks good. Here is a question... Can you clean your current matting when it gets dirty? Dirty matting doesn’t work well. There is matting out there that is hard to clean. It can be hard to vacuum, let alone extract. With all of our custom matting products, they can be vacuumed, carpet extracted in place, and even pressure washed outside (weather permitting).

If you live in the north, the winter is the toughest time of year to keep your facility clean. Ice Melt, Rock Salt, and Sand get tracked in and wreak havoc on your floors. Matting can help alleviate those white footprints that seem to go on for days. What do you do when your mats are filled up with the ice melt, rock salt, and sand? You aren’t taking a mat outside in Fargo MN in January to rinse it out. So... if you can’t extract your matting and you live where snow falls, you don’t have a matting solution that is working well for you.

Don’t live in the North? Not so fast... What you don’t see, can hurt you. The sandy soil in the southwest and in the coastal regions decimates floors and floor finishes. Dirt and grit that blows across the plains, and the clays in the south, same thing. Matting is not just something you need when it rains or snows. Sand and grit looks like little razors under a micro-scope. Do you know what those razors are doing to your carpet and hard floors? Bottom line, if you have a building that has doors that allow people (and dirt) through them, you need matting. It will be the best investment you make in your facility maintenance program. As long as it is the right matting.

It will be the best investment you make in your facility maintenance program. As long as it is the right matting.

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Entrance Armor 52 Matting

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Entrance Armor 37 Matting

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Entrance Armor Rogue

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